I have been writing a novel in which the main character is named Agatha. Not sure why I chose that name — other than that I like the sound, the balance of Agatha and Agata, the two spellings of her name. Or maybe Saint Agatha. But also now I’ve just started to read a Chekov […]

New video

I have been working with the very talented visual artist Salman Toor on a graphic novel. We’ve gone through several titles — Electricity Thieves, The Electrician, and now Paradise Villas. In part, the comic is about the electricity crisis in Pakistan and about living without light or air conditioning in the middle of the summer. It is […]

Old poem

A long time ago I found a poem I wrote in high school — what a delight! I mean of course it’s terrible but it’s true, like everything you wrote in high school It’s part of Nature’s cruelty To make each one less than he’d like to be And to wrap our gifts in pain […]

Short, wobbly videos

I have recorded a few videos of my travels — you can watch them here. There are videos of NYC after the blackout Israel The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Whale-watching near Provincetown, Massachusetts Semana Santa processions in Cuenca Palm Sunday in Madrid